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Still getting Lost on TV: A blogging diary

A few weeks ago, I did my first installment of “let’s watch an episode of a TV show that I’ve never watched before.” The choice was the hit show Lost and as the title implies, I was indeed lost for an entire hour.

But, that was my most popular blog entry to date. So, I’m going back to the well. Tonight, I’m watching another episode of Lost. Let’s see how this goes now that I have one episode under my belt.

9:00:25 PM – The flashbacks from previous episodes actually contained a scene from the one I watched. The one where Michael was going after his son. Unfortunately, he just got shot as this episode starts.

9:01:31 PM – Say it with me. I’m one minute into the show, and I’m lost. Har!

9:01:44 PM – OK… somebody’s chopping up fruit. And someone else is snoring on a bunk bed. What the hell?

9:02:07 PM – Flashback to a police station. Some girl’s getting grilled. I don’t remember her from the other episode. But she seems to be in trouble.

9:02:47 PM – And we’re in a morgue. Am I watching CSI by accident? And if so, can it be the Miami one so I get to see the horrific dramatic stylings of David Caruso.

9:03:35 PM – Anna is her name. Apparently, she shot somebody. Must not have been while on the job. Her boss is telling her to respect the fact that she’s a police officer. Anna quits. That’s what you call an intervention that backfired.

9:04:24 PM – Some guy named Henry is on a hunger strike. No clue who that is.

9:04:53 PM – Henry’s a cop, too. I guess. He’s quiet, she says.

9:05:22 PM – Whoa, Henry attacked Anna! And now he’s trying to kill her! He’s choking her. And bald dude knocked Henry out. Action!
9:06:02 PM – I’m guessing I should be freaked out that Henry knew who Anna Lucia was. I’d be more freaked out if anything made sense.

9:06:33 PM – Commercial for The Da Vinci Code movie. I can’t tell if it’s going to be a fantastic movie or one of those that just can’t live up to the hype (see Godzilla).

9:07:45 PM – Thanks to this commercial, I just learned that cervical cancer can be caused by a virus called HPV. This is still 10 times better than the genital herpes treatment ad I saw yesterday. How do they find actors to fill that role? Talk about being typecast.
9:09:25 PM – Flashback to Anna, now working as an airport screener. She looks less than fulfilled. Like every airport screener I’ve ever seen.

9:10:28 PM – Anna’s met a guy in an airport bar who’s a drunk. What are the freakin’ odds.

9:10:50 PM – The old guy (who lost his physician’s license because of his drinky-drinky problem) just asked Anna to go to Sydney with him. He just met her. He’s ballsy.

9:12:05 PM – They’re giving each other fake names. What in the hell is going on?

9:12:25 PM – Flashback over. I guess this episode is about Anna.

9:13:38 PM – Henry’s now being kept in the safe.  That seems about right.
9:13:59 PM – Henry must have a list of who’s naughty and who’s nice. Bald guy is one of the nice ones.

9:14:55 PM – Henry: “The man in charge is a great man, a brilliant man. But, he’s not a forgiving man. He’ll kill me because I failed, John. I failed my mission.” That’s job pressure right there.

9:15:32 PM – So… Henry was coming for John/Bald guy.

9:15:48 PM – And commercial. Mmmmm… KFC. “Sweet Home Alabama” is just made for a fried chicken commercial.

9:16:51 PM – OK, I’m bored, so I’ll share a story. I have to get my blood checked for cholesterol tomorrow morning. So, I’m fasting for the next 12 hours. That KFC commercial is really killing me now. By the way, the over/under on my total cholesterol number is 240.

9:18:46 PM – Holy crap, this jewelry commercial just reminds me. Mother’s Day is in nine days and my anniversary is in four weeks. I’m screwed!

9:19:25 PM – Hey, it’s Sawyer! Haven’t seen that old boy yet. “Get your hands off my damn mangos.” Nice.

9:20:06 PM – Sawyer’s jealous of Jack for hanging out with Kate. I think they took this dialogue from an old episode of Beverly Hills 90210.

9:20:42 PM – Flashback: Apparently, Anna went to Sydney.

9:21:19 PM – Drunk doctor guy wants his “bodyguard” to go with him… somewhere. “Fate’s calling, Sarah,” he says. Foreshadowing something?

9:22:06 PM – I think the drunk doctor is going to be dead soon.

9:22:49 PM – Well, he didn’t get shot, but that didn’t go well. He wanted to see his daughter.  If he wasn’t pounding on the door… drunk… in the rain… in the middle of the night… he might have had a shot.
9:23:09 PM – Back to the island. Hey, Hurley’s still overweight!

9:23:51 PM – Hurley’s telling an Iraqi guy about the plot for Say Anything. That was the best scene I’ve seen on this show thus far.
9:24:22 PM – I think Hurley’s getting fatter on the island. How’s that possible? Does the hatch have an endless supply of ribs?

9:25:28 PM – Sawyer’s walking by himself, and they started some ominous music. I think something bad’s going to happen to this dude.

9:26:00 PM – Oh, it’s Anna.

9:26:17 PM – Fight! Fight!

9:26:42 PM – And now they’re making out. Oh c’mon! This is weird, even for this show. I think she’s doing this just to get a gun. Or maybe Sawyer’s just that good looking.

9:29:28 PM – And commercial. Mylanta is using the theme from Welcome Back Kotter to welcome a guy back to the joy of eating pepperoni pizza. It was great to hear the song again. But what a weird way to sell out.

Stay tuned for the second half…

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