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Random slices of sweet monkey pie

The Sweet Monkey Pie revolution continues. OK, it’s going a bit more slowly than I anticipated, but it’s picking up. Here are two recent examples:

* Nipsey published a column about whether the object of your desire worth the price it takes to achieve it. He asked me via email about how I, a longtime Dallas Cowboys trade, felt about the Terrell Owens trade. Was it worth the risk? I spent 10 minutes writing a 12 paragraph diatribe about how me and the Cowboys were D-U-N done. Check out the column to see a few paragraphs of my ranting. He gives a nod to SMP. The revolution will be televised (or at least covered in sports-related columns).

[By the way, washing my hands of the Cowboys was startlingly easy. I realized that I’ve always been a fan of an ideal. Back when I idolized Tony Dorsett, Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson, Tony Hill… don’t get me started. Even when I was watching the Emmitt Smith-Troy Aikman-Michael Irvin triumverate, it never approached my glory days (between ages 4-8). Maybe it was because I saw things through the innocence of youth. Maybe it was because I was just learning about sports, period, and everything stuck in my head. Maybe it was because Michael Irvin was always a phone call away from smacking a hooker over a vial of crack. Anyway, I’m done with ’em. Probably. Catch me in the fall.]

* I ran into a friend of a friend earlier today. She said the sweetest, but odd-sounding, thing at the end of the conversation. “I’m sending Sweet Monkey Pie to all my friends.” I’m guessing Hallmark doesn’t have a card for that.

By the way, another friend of SMP, the “Skeeter” who was chronicled in earlier posts (here and here) is flummoxed by this story about NBC’s Dateline trying to “entrap” (my words) NASCAR fans into making anti-Muslim statements. They’re scheme? Send some Middle Eastern guys to a NASCAR race and watch the tomfoolery.

Trouble is, the racing fans didn’t pay them any attention. And now NBC looks like it has less journalistic scruples than… let’s see… I’d say the New York Times, circa 1999.

Well, short post for tonight. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


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