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Bloggin' the Final Four (or, Billy Packer takes a trip down amnesia lane)

Well, the first half of the initial Final Four game (George Mason vs. Florida) is over, and here are some initial impressions. As usual, my contempt for a certain announcer is monopolizing my mind.

* Yes, Billy Packer is at the top of his game (meaning absolute zero on the “effective commentary” quotient). If you chose “Florida’s ‘length’ is going to be a problem for George Mason” in the first rule of my Billy Packer drinking game, you are undoubtedly bombed out of your skull right now. Wow, Billy… yes, Florida is taller than George Mason. Any semi-literate fool could see that in the game program. GMU isn’t going to get any taller during the game (unless they use some of Barry Bonds’ flax seed oil). Stop beating the dead horse will ya? Oh, and can you just say height and not “length” for once. It’s ridiculous! Oh what the hell… getting mad at Billy is like getting mad at an incontinent dog. And there’s really no further explanation needed.

* Jai Lewis and the other GMU post players are getting absolutely no help from the zebras. I mean, Florida’s big guys are good, but it’s not Olajuwon and Ewing back there. GMU can’t win if they’re getting mauled on the inside.

* Regardless of the officiating, GMU has to hit some open shots.

* You know the Gatorade commercials showing how many calories that Gatorade has versus Powerade (the 50>10 commercials)? Forget for a minute that the difference of 40 calories in 2000-calorie diet isn’t worth a damn. But the woman pumping iron with the ‘roided out left arm and normal right arm? That just plain creeps me out.

* Joakim Noah is going to be a good player, but he’s still a long way from polished. Way too many traveling calls for a big man.

* I wonder if Jim Nantz wore a blue or orange Florida windbreaker to this game.

* I need GMU and LSU to both win tonight in order to win $260 in an NCAA pool. Right now, I don’t like my chances.

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