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Somebody give this woman an Emmy!

Tonight, as I do every Thursday night, I sat down to watch My Name is Earl. Sure, Jason Lee does a great job, the overall premise is different and the extended cast is always a pleasant surprise (Beau Bridges as Earl’s dad, Brett Butler as his former mother-in-law, etc.). But, if you ask me, what puts the show over the top is one Jaime Pressly.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Hey, you’re a guy and there’s only one — maybe two, actually — reasons why you like her.” OK, that isn’t entirely unreasonable. But, I honestly think that she does one helluva job on that show. And she deserves some recognition for this role.

See, to play the part of Joy, Earl’s ex-wife who is aghast at his attempts to clean up his life, Jaime has to straddle the line between redneck mom, hot redneck wife (to Crab-man) and redneck torturer of Earl and his brother, Randy. That ain’t easy. Many other actresses would turn the character into a shallow, vamping character.

Luckily for Jaime, she grew up in Kinston, NC — just a hop, skip and a jump away from where I grew up. I read an interview that says that although she didn’t consider herself to be a redneck, she grew up in a rural, agricultural community. When suburban kids were at soccer practice, she was probably fishing or riding bikes endlessly throughout town.

And maybe that’s where part of my attraction comes from. It’s interesting to seee someone from the same background “make it big.” Plus, when I was living in eastern NC, did I ever meet anyone who looked, acted or … looked like Jaime? In a word… No.

Of course, Jaime has started a few minor conflicts in the house. The Wife often comments on how trashy she looks (granted), but she also that it looks like Joy is pushing 40. That’s a hard place for a guy to be. How can you defend a fantasy woman to your spouse/fiancee/girlfriend? Pretty much, you can’t. You take the abuse.

Hopefully, the “experts” who watch TV and present awards for performances, don’t have the same hang-ups. The Emmy folks? You listening? The character of Joy could have been a two-dimensional character. But Jaime always plays Joy, even at her most frantic, as earnest and honest. I think it’s a tough thing to do. And she’s great at it.

Plus, she’s not bad to look at. Have I mentioned that yet?

Oh well, I should probably get back to the NCAA basketball tournament. If I spend too much time away from the TV, I’ll miss at least 5-6 Coach K commercials. The latest one, for Chevy, is just one step away from him walking on a car lot and talking about how they will not “refuse any reasonable offer.” Because he’s not just a pitchman. He’s a leader who happends to pitch products.

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