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Sopranos blog, pt. 2: This is going to give me carpal tunnel

We’re into the bottom of the hour of the season premiere of the Sopranos.

9:32:56 PM – Mark it! We’re 31 minutes in, and Dr. Melfi turns things back to Tony’s mother. Kudos, there.

9:33:33 PM – She dropped some knowledge on Tony. I can’t even type it all in there. Something about how Tony won’t blame his uncle for what happened between Tony and his mother. That was too high to get over… to low to get under…

9:34:48 PM – Tony’s using Johnny Sac’s brother-in-law to get to him. Apparently Phil’s causing problems.

9:36:19 PM – So, we’re having a little summit with Phil & Tony. They agreed that Hesh’s son-in-law’s issue will cost $50,000 to be resolved. Yeah, that seems fair.

9:38:09 PM – The would-be retiree is pushing Christopher for info. But, Christopher is sending him on an assignment. I’m feeling pretty bad about this. The guy looks like he’s going to pull an FBI moment and hurl.

9:39:47 PM – The Wife tells me that the would-be retiree is Gene or Eugene. I honestly can’t remember him very well from previous episodes. But something tells me that I should get too comfortable with him. You don’t quit the Mob. Apparently.

9:41:26 PM – Tony got sushi without Carm. She’s sorta pissed about that. What’s that about? It’ll be important later. Reminds me of that episode when Big Pussy comes back in a dream sequence as a talking fish. Yeah, it’s a bit of a stretch, but I got to write the greatest character name of all time again.

9:41:47 PM – Gene is “on assignment.â€? Whoa, he just shot a guy named Teddy. Where did that come from?

9:42:55 PM – Carm’s showing off the new car to Missus Johnny Sac. That’s just cold-blooded. Mrs. Sac is having trouble paying bills. Carm is good at getting these digs in every now and again.

9:43:51 PM – Gene isn’t going to Florida. Syl just lowered the boom. He’s a bit down in the dumps. No Florida for you!

9:45:58 PM – Well, Tony finds out that Janice and Bobby can’t watch Uncle Junior because they’re going to a preschool meeting. Hmmm… Bobby better watch his back for a while. Oh, and is there anything more ridiculous than Bobby playing with his trains?

9:47:42 PM – Gene is trying to put a positive spin on things with the wife. Yeah… she’s not buying it. Gene’s son is doing heroine. He’s having a bad day. Whoa, the wife wants him to put a bullet through Tony’s head. Yeah… he’s not buying it.

9:50:01 PM – Uncle Junior’s watching old movies in the dark. Tony’s dropping by to take care of him. It’s an odd mix of Tony being a sweet guy and a smart-ass.

9:51:43 PM – Gene is being called out to do a job. Uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh.

9:52:03 PM – Whoa, Gene is an informant!! And even the FBI won’t let him go to Florida. Poor bastard.

9:53:34 PM – Gene looks like a man on the edge. Yep, and he just hung himself. Wow. That was graphic.

9:54:39 PM – Cut to Tony making dinner for Uncle Junior. UNCLE JUNIOR SHOT TONY!!! HOLY CRAP!! The Wife called this one!!!

9:56:00 PM – Can Tony make it to the phone? Nope, he just ripped it out of the wall. He’s calling for Uncle Junior who’s as useful as a houseplant right now.

9:57:48 PM – Tony called 911. But, he’s passed out by the time the operator picks up.

9:58:17 PM – Damn, that was one hell of an episode. Quite a cliffhanger. Big Love better be one great show, because the lead-in was phenomenal.

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