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More TV madness, part 2: Rudy, Kiefer and Jean Smart ride again

OK, the first half of the show is over. On to the next half. My diary continues.

9:29:30 PM – Helicopter’s coming after Jack and his bald friend. Looks like he’s been sold out. I blame Walt. Simply because he’s been a little shit since he first came on the screen.

9:29:58 PM – So the president ordered this little raid? Maybe Walt did, because president looks like a standup guy, even if he resembles the guy from Get Smart.

9:30:52 PM – I’m so freakin’ confused.

9:31:05 PM – OK, so they’re using Jack and Mike as scapegoats to make sure that the President and Walt aren’t implicated. Is Ollie North guest-starring? Walt ordered the raid. He’s pure evil in a suit.

9:32:22 PM – The same Secret Service guy sees Jack being led away, and he’s suspicious. Oh, Walt is Walt Cummings. I get the first reference now.

9:33:18 PM – Rudy doesn’t want to disobey a direct order from the White House to stand down on the nerve gas search. And old dude in his posse just challenged him. Rudy goes outside and starts dressing him down, but old guy is lecturing Rudy. All we need is Charles Dutton to drop by to give Rudy a pep talk. And if you didn’t get that, I’m sorry… you just haven’t seen Rudy as many times as I have.

9:34:39 PM – First Lady is going to a looney bin. She’s my favorite character, I think. Oh, and she’s bitter. Lots of emotion. She’s just solid. I loved her in Garden State.

9:35:49 PM – The previous president was killed because he knew that someone in the administration (Cummings, I think) was helping terrorists. Wait, Jack says, “Walt Cummings ordered the assassination of David Palmer.â€? OK, there we have it. Even I can follow this bouncing ball.

9:37:03 PM – Jack’s trying to get Agent Pearce to help out with the Cummings situation. And commercial.

9:40:37 PM – We’re back. Pearce says that Bauer’s escaped.

9:41:10 PM – Walt figured out that Rudy hasn’t called off the search yet. Damn scrappy Sean Astin. Like a little pit bull.

9:41:40 PM – Jack confronts the president and Walt with Pearce’s help. Now, Jack is kicking Walt’s butt. Jack’s explaining things while kicking Walt’s ass. He’s barking at the president. Yeah, this happens in every White House. If only.

9:42:23 PM – Jack is going to cut out Walt’s eyes for the info about the nerve gas. Ugh. Kiefer is a bit on edge right now. I haven’t seen him this amped up since he was fightin’ vampires in Lost Boys. Or ropin’ criminals in that god-awful cowboy movie with Woody Harrelson. I think the title is Hey, Kiefer and Woody Are in a God-Awful Cowboy Movie.

9:43:00 PM – OK, that worked. Walt’s singing like a canary.

9:43:22 PM – That cat Jack is a bad mother (shut your mouth!). I’m talking about Jack. Then I can dig it.

9:43:46 PM – Jack reports to Rudy’s crew that the nerve gas is in Long Beach. Hopefully Snoop Dogg’s crew doesn’t get his hands on it. He try to smoke it.

9:44:54 PM – President wants to get “Walt Cummings out of my sight.â€? Me, too. The rest of the staff can leave. Just put cute analyst girl back on the screen for a while.

9:45:32 PM – President and Jack are having a bit of a chat. He says he’s wrapped up what he wanted to do. Track down David Palmer’s killer. Before lunch was over, even.

9:47:00 PM – Next commercial break. Jack must be exhausted in a given workday. Thus far, in the last 47 minutes, he’s confronted his current girlfriend, admitted that he’s still in love with his old flame, had his old flame break him down over the phone, been arrested by the Secret Service, accused a president’s aide of treason, almost cut out the dude’s eyeball, and learned that there’s nerve gas in Long Beach. At lunch, I usually have a nice burger. Maybe fries. It’s much the same, really.

9:50:30 PM – The First Lady is off to Quivering Hills. El Presidente gets her out of the car. “You were right, there was a conspiracy.â€? She’s still bitter. Not good times for the president.

9:52:13 PM – President leans in for the kiss and she winces. Not a good sign. Hillary wasn’t this frosty.

9:53:14 PM – Rudy makes a damn good CIA spook manager.

9:53:53 PM – They’re going to Long Beach to fetch the nerve gas. I’m thinking that the nerve gas was moved. Dude with an accent got suspicious.

9:54:48 PM – They did find a dead body. That was Walt’s plant. The tubes are gone. Man, I DIDN’T see that coming. And yes, my sarcasm meter is on 11 right now.

9:55:57 PM – Now the nerve gas is anywhere. And Jack only has until the end of the day. Brotha better get to work.

9:56:36 PM- Terrorist warns Walt (who’s having a nice day, huh?): “Your country is about to pay a very steep price.â€? Hmmm, that’s a pretty decent threat.

9:57:22 PM – We’re at the end. Thankfully.

Like with Lost, I can see why people watch this. But I can see why I’m not one of them. This show just needs one of the Coreys (Feldmen would work) and a little more Jean Smart. And more Rudy. Hell, even let him wear a Notre Dame jersey ’round the office. What would that hurt?

Hope you enjoyed the diary. Next week: some other show I could care less about.

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