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Gotta bad Boston feeling

I’m not sure what my point is with this entry. I’m pretty tired (see below), but I thought that writing would help relax me. We’ll see. So, I got the ol’ laptop out when I sat down to watch my Tar Heels take on the new ACC member, Boston College. I’m not keeping a running diary, mostly because, well, I’m tired. And partially because this game has bad “hoo doo” written all over it. At least for me.

I can’t remember going into a game with this much angst and anxiety. But, I have a few pretty good reasons.

1) I just got back from a business trip to Boston. It all started with my flight to Beantown, scheduled to land at 10:30, didn’t make it to Logan until 2:30. Why? Well, Boston had 2-3″ of snow. Ummm, that’s supposed to paralyze us here in North Carolina. I thought the hardy New Englanders were more… uh, hardy than that. Oh, and then I apparently had a case of mild food poisoning last night, so I ended up involuntarily ejecting the contents of my stomach between 1:00 to 4:00 a.m. I woke up this morning… more snow. But, I ended up getting a flight back without incident… well, until I got stuck in the elevator at the airport parking deck (for a couple of minutes, only). And I walked into my house to find my kid had strep throat. All in all, not exactly warm fuzzies for Boston right now.

2) Any Tar Heel fan remembers the pain from the 1994 NCAA second round tourney loss to BC. UNC was the defending national champs and they had added Rasheed Wallace, Jerry Darnell Stackhouse and Jeff “Touche” McInnis to the nucleus of the 1993 squad. What happens? Some guy named Bill Curley and a bunch of Big East middle-dwellers play the game of their life and take UNC out. It led to the legendary “Take That, Tar Heels” cover on Sports Illustrated. Yeah, that smarted a bit.

3) The Red Sox just hired Theo Epstein back. This has no relevance to the UNC game, but damn, that’s one weird story.

4) Like any good fan, I think it benefits the team when I’m bullish on the opposing team. Nipsey refers to this as the “Reverse Midas” touch. If he’s right, hopefully I’ve done my job.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and will probably be asleep by halftime. Like it matters. BC is obviously a juggernaut. Plus, Billy Packer is calling the game; my thoughts on his “talents” are well-documented. Ugh… I feel that food poisoning coming back.

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