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"Sweet monkey pie" throughout history

One of the most important goals of Sweetmonkeypie.com — if not THE most important goal — is to spread the word about the catchphrase destined to become to the 2000s what “the bee’s knees” was to the 1920s. You know… a term that just a few years later will cause you to say, whoa, that was soooooo 2006.

If we’re going to make “sweet monkey pie” the next hot catchphrase, it’s critically important to frame the term. I like to think of it as an exclamation, in the “egad!” or “what the…?” vein. Other schools of thought (OK, Nipsey is the only other person who’s spent any time thinking about this) classify it as a potential term of endearment. It could be both, becoming a new-age “aloha.” I called the wife “sweet monkey pie” a couple of nights ago, and the bruises are starting to heal. So, let’s stick with the exclamation for now.

To help you find the right time to let loose a “Sweet monkey pie!” here are a few historical examples of times when a good SMP could have only enhanced the event.

Loooong time ago, B.C. The Hebrews reach Canaan. It’s a really good spot, worth fighting over for the next couple of millennia (at least). As they reach modern day Israel, the leader (whose name escapes me, making me question all those years of Sunday School) says, “Sweet monkey pie, this is some good land! Herschel? Let’s build the temple… there! We’ll be safe here forever… forever… forever [cue cheesy echo effect].”

44 B.C. On the Ides of March, Julius Caesar, renowned Roman military leader (who also made one kick-ass salad) is betrayed and stabbed by his posse. I think posse is Latin for “My boys,” by the way. Then again, I’m a product of North Carolina public schools. Anyhoo, as he’s getting all cut up, he turns to Brutus and utters, “Sweet monkey pie, Brute! You, too? Damn! I did NOT see that coming.” Shakespeare wrote it differently, but I think the good people at HBO’s Rome will get it right.

May 6, 1937. In New Jersey, a hydrogen-filled zeppelin tries to land during a thunderstorm. I guess they were also shooting off fireworks and using a hotplate on board. Who was the safety officer on the Hindenburg? Joseph Hazlewood, Sr.? Of course, the Hindenburg, the largest aircraft ever built, caught fire and exploded in a horrifying blaze. Herbert Morrison, a little-known radio journalist, stood by, giving listeners a vivid recount of what happened. However, even “oh, the humanity” could have been dressed up a bit with, “Sweet monkey pie! That sucker’s ablaze! H-dog is out!”

July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong sets foot on the moon. Although this was four years before I was born, I feel like I know where I was when it happened. Turns out, I’ve seen Apollo 13 so many times, part of me believes that I watched the landing in Tom Hanks’ living room. But, we all know what Neil said when he landed on the moon. Profound. Evocative. Concise. What would be wrong, however, with, “Sweet monkey pie, this is a pretty cool place! Did we bring the dune buggy on this trip?”

2000. Bush-Gore debates. Al Gore always fought against a perception that he was cold, aloof and just freakin’ dull. Unfortunately, he usually did little to refute that. You can’t tell me that he wouldn’t have earned the 1,000 or so votes he needed in Florida if he broke out a, “Sweet monkey pie, this guy can’t even speak English.” Bam! He’s humanized… a man of the people… capable of talking to the average man.

Heck, Gore woulda got my vote after that. Nipsey’s, too. And he lives in Florida, by the way. Bizarre, huh? Somebody get me… a Democrat or something on the phone. “Sweet monkey pie” could sway the balance of power in the free world. I, of course, expect nothing less.

  1. BatchDog
    November 29, 2005 at 1:17 pm

    I think Sweet Monkey Pie needs to become the next “Boom Goes the Dynamite”… something like this….

    “Bobby Frasor passes over to Ginyard… back to Frasor… Green cuts through the lane and rolls off the pick… Frasor finds him in the corner… the shot….. SWEET MONKEY PIE!!!! A tre from way downtown as Carolina takes the lead over Dook. The Cameron Crazies are stunned.!”

    Can’t you just hear this on SportsCenter? Get Stu on the phone! He needs a new catch phrase!

  2. January 9, 2009 at 12:51 am

    good luck

  3. January 10, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    good luck

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