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What is Sweet Monkey Pie… and why should you care?

At the risk of sounding like David Byrne, “And you may ask yourself, why is this blog called Sweet Monkey Pie? And you may ask yourself, Hey, what is this blog about anyway?” If you don’t know the song “Once in a Lifetime” by the Talking Heads, my apologies. But, by all means, find a movie file of the video. It’s treeeeeeemendous.

Anyhoo, Sweet Monkey Pie comes from my long-standing collaboration with the author of the Rehm of Consciousness, one of the finest sports blogs on the Web… even if the evil genius behind the blog talks about sports only occasionally. No matter. It’s some good stuff.

Rehm and I have known each other from our halcyon days at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication. We were 19 or 20 years old… both trying to perfect the craft of writing… and learning just how hard it is to work the word “halcyon” into a sentence. Before we met, we had both decided that the best way to break into professional journalism was to join the thrice-weekly Chapel Hill News. Smart plan, you’d say.

Unfortunately, the only job either of us could get was in the mail room, where we would spend three nights a week (from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m.) inserting ads, bundling, and generally mutilating the paper. For that, we were paid $5.85 an hour, plus an extra “phone call” for each hour after 11 p.m. (that was an extra quarter in 1994 money). Bear in mind that the minimum wage was $4.25 or so at the time. We were getting PAID. Good times, good times.

(It was during those early mornings on the wrong side of Franklin Street when we developed our nicknames. For some reason, he became Nipsey. I became Slappy. Why we named ourselves after aging black comedians, who knows. Have I mentioned that I’m the whitest man in the world ever to go by Slappy? But I digress…)

Over the years, Nipsey and I have sent emails about things that we thought were funny. He would give details about his dating life and the chaotic world of the carefree bachelor. I would tell tales of married life, fatherhood and things that go bump in the ‘burbs. Turns out, this was good training for blogging. Who knew? So, in one of his early blogs, he was covering a St. Louis Rams exec’s threatening voice mail to a sportswriter. I thought that the guy’s rant could be transposed into song. Specifically, into Ini Kamoze’s lone hit, “Here Comes the Hotstepper.” Click here for my response in the Rehm of Consciousness (scroll down about a third of the way).

But where did Sweet Monkey Pie come in? Someone had misheard the lyric, “No, no we don’t die, yes we multiply,” as “No, no we don’t die, yes sweet monkey pie.” Nipsey and I automatically thought that was the best catchphrase since Seinfeld’s “sweet fancy Moses”… or Ray Romano’s epic “sweet sassy mollasy” SportsCenter call while hosting SNL.

So, it’s pretty simple. Why Sweet Monkey Pie? Why not? Plus there are only like three good URLs left on the Internet. As usual, I’m not sure if I have a point. Same as it ever was… same as it ever was…

  1. November 19, 2005 at 12:10 am

    You down with SMP? Yeah, you know me!

    Welcome to the blogosphere, you lyrical gangsta!

  2. November 22, 2005 at 5:00 am

    So it’s true…I guess I just didn’t want to believe it. I thought they were just joking around….but here you are. Sweet mary mother of monkey pellets…. aint’ blogs just great. I swear this blog bug is more infectous than that resident evil bug, except without the hot 5th Element chick. Blog-on my good man…..blog-on.

  1. January 4, 2010 at 1:02 am

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